About DCS

Leading the way with innovation, technology, and people.

DeLaval Cleaning Solutions is a world-class leader in products and technologies for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting applications for all dairy, food, and beverage processing industries. We take pride in providing a level of service that sets the standard for excellence within our industry.

DeLaval Cleaning Solutions is a division of DeLaval Inc. within the Tetra Laval organization. Other divisions of Tetra Laval include Tetra Pak and Sidel – both known worldwide in the food packaging industry.

Our deep-rooted business philosophy goes beyond conventional thinking. All our activities concentrate on the continuous improvement of product performance, reliability, safety, and the superior day-to-day service we provide our customers. 

We are devoted to research and committed to new product development and customer service.

We believe that the ingenuity, determination, and vision of our empowered people give us a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

How effective is your sanitation process?

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The Strength of Tetra Laval