DeLaval Milestones

2005West Agro ISG changes its name to DeLaval Cleaning Solutions
2004West Agro Inc. acquires NolChem
2002Inauguration of DeLaval Kansas City Hygiene Technology center
2001SECO joins Quality Milk LLC
2000Alfa Laval Agri becomes DeLaval when Tetra Pak sells Alfa Laval AB
2000West Agro Inc. acquires K-Klean
1997West Agro Inc. forms Quality Milk LLC with the Dairy Farmers of America organization
1994DeLaval Hamra Farm celebrates 100 years
1993West Agro Inc. acquires Chemland
1993The Tetra Laval group is formed
1991Tetra Pak purchases Alfa Laval AB and Alfa Laval Agri is created as a separate company
1990West Agro Inc. forms Joint Venture with MMI
1988West Agro Inc. forms the Industrial Sales Group (ISG)
1984Alfa Laval AB purchases West Agro Inc.
1963AB Separator changes name to Alfa Laval AB
1883AB Separator (now DeLaval) is founded
1878Gustaf de Laval (1845 - 1913) gets the patent on his invention – the cream separator – that revolutionizes milk production