EPA Registration Info

Supplemental Registration of EPA Products

All products making claims as hard surface sanitizers and disinfectants are regulated by the EPA under federal law (FIFRA) and cannot legally be sold without EPA registration.  This registration is based on establishing that such products are safe, efficacious, and environmentally sound.  Registering a completely new active ingredient involves such a major commitment of time and money that few companies undertake the effort.  This is why so few new activities are introduced.

Companies choosing to copy an existing version of an EPA-approved sanitizer/disinfectant will discover the EPA registration process formidable if they opt to gain their own registration.  In one manner or another, it is necessary to satisfy EPA on issues of safety, efficacy, and environmental impact.  It is a costly and time consuming effort to register these "generic" products.

A simpler way to gain access to a registered formula is through supplemental registration.  EPA regulations allow companies to make use of existing registrations.  The supplemental registrant gains access to EPA approved products with minimal time and expense.  The subregistrant's label may carry his unique name and all claims allowed the existing registrant.

WestAgro Executive Brands specializes in supplemental registrations.  We have many EPA registrations available, with staff that is knowledgeable and capable of helping companies quickly gain their own supplemental registrations of sanitizing and disinfectant products.