Products by Industry

DeLaval Cleaning Solutions’ product line has been formulated to yield the greatest value in cleaning industrial food processing plants and equipment.  Our parent organization, Tetra Laval, is widely recognized for its leadership in equipment and process technology specializing in dairy, food and beverage processing applications.

As your cleaning solutions group, we work to engineer and develop cleaners for specific cleaning applications.  Whether the application requires an aggressive product for cleaning tough soil in an evaporator or a sensitive cleaner to remove protein within an RO, DeLaval Cleaning Solutions has the product for you.

We offer quality products designed to save you time and improve your overall profit by optimizing the cleaning cycle.  As process technologies continue to advance, DeLaval Cleaning Solutions will continue to develop innovative products designed for each unique cleaning challenge.

Egg & Poultry

Cleaning and sanitizing solutions for today's egg and poultry processing industries

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Beverage Processing & Packaging

Manage your Sanitation Program

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Dairy Processing

Cleaning and sanitizing solutions for dairy processing

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Red Meat Processing

Maximize your cleaning program against bacterial contamination. 

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